Saturday, November 29, 2014

I braved Black Friday aaaand....

I got nothing. I had seen some people mention on Facebook that Walmart would be having this huge sale on Red Heart with Love yarn. It was usually around $5.50 per skein and the internet told me it would be as low as $1.67 a skein!

I'm not one to brave Black Friday at all, but I figured this sale was too good to be true. I finished work at 9am then headed straight to my local Walmart. Only thing on sale was the huge Super Saver Jumbo yarn for a dollar off. I actually exercised restraint and didn't buy anything on that trip

On to better news!

My Paradise Fibers order came in! It's gray Norwegian wool. It's one of the cheaper fibers offered. I figured since I'm new to spinning, I might as well try something that doesn't break the bank. I am trying to connect with some local spinners to see if I can handle a spinning wheel. I can keep practicing on my Adventure Time drop spindle until then.

I've also been trying to connect with other fiber arts bloggers around the web. I finally figured out how to post my Pinterest, Ravelry, and Bloglovin profiles. I love the idea of blogs sponsoring giveaways and Crochet and Knit-alongs. I know this blog is still in its infancy stages but I'm going to try to make this blog grow so I can get connected to the wonderful virtual fiber arts community.


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