Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yarnaceuticals Episode 7: Winner Winner

Episode 7: Winner Winner!
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Life Update
  • Family trip to Grand Rapids, MI
    • Awesome time reuniting with family
    • Found a yarn shop: J.T. Stitchery
    • Taking Spinmania: Easy Art Yarns
      • Any suggestions on transporting spinning wheels?
      • Lazy Kates?
    • Taking Portuguese Style Knitting
  • Husband's band concert two Saturdays ago
    • Embrace the Machine
  • Back to learning Spanish
    • Duolingo
    • Any suggestions on spanish movies/novellas on netflix or amazon prime?
Stash Enhancement
  • Oink Pigments sock in Together All Rows Develop into Sweaters colorway
    • 90% SWM, 10% Nylon
  • Fat Cat Knits Basic Sock in Sushi Colorway
    • 75% SW Wool, 25% nylon
    • For Fiber and Dice Podcast KAL
  • Cascade heritage silk (3 skeins) in Herb colorway
    • 85% Merino Superwash, 15% mulberry silk
  • Berroco Vintage (9 skeins) in Berry colorway
    • 52% acrylic, 40% wool, 8% nylon
Works in Progress
  • Grand Large Sweater
    • For Autism Awareness KAL
    • Cascade Heritage sock yarn
  • Bower amigurumi
    • josh's birthday
    • Quite late
  • Rose City Roller Socks
    • For Fiber and Dice KAL
    • Fat Cat Knits Basic Sock
  • Wonderful Wallaby hoodie pattern
    • I love sweaters and hopefully I can finish by winter
    • Berroco Vintage
Finished Objects
  • Red Bird of Enormousness!
    • Used Bluebird of Happiness pattern
  • Blue Bird of Messedupness
    • Need to work on short rows better
Suddenly Socks KAL/CAL w/Chain 344 
  • Projects must be started no earlier than June 1st
  • End date is August 1st
  • Must be a member of prospective group, can dip into both groups' prizes
  • Any footwear is valid: socks, slippers, yoga socks, flipflops, cowboy boots, etc.
  • Must complete both socks to qualify ->no photoshopping in another sock
  • Prizes in Yarnaceuticals Podcast
    • A $5 USD pattern on their choice
    • One skein of my sock yarn stash
      • Undead Yarn Wizard in Poison Colorway
      • Celestial Strings Shuffle Sock in 2 Stardust V colorway
      • Oink Pigments Sock in Together All Rows Develop into Sweaters colorway
    • User Hnick has offered up a free pattern from her designs
    •  please contact me by August 31st with mailing address on Ravelry and choose your pattern
Ask Me Anything/Question of the Episode
  • AndreSue: How did you get started Spinning
  • knittygirl: What do you do at your job and why do you work the night shift? Was it a choice?