Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Great Gnashing of Teeth

My husband and I just got back from a random getaway from Fredericksburg, Texas. It's been our weekend romantic getaway destination for many years now. As usual we both had a lovely time.

It's just the post vacation blues settled in hard. The back-to-reality realization hit me. I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with my mom tomorrow since I'll be working Thanksgiving day. Still have to cook everything. Laundry is still crazy. House needs cleaning. I need to go exercise.

So instead of being a responsible adult, I settle on the couch for a crochet and podcast listening marathon. And then I realize I messed up on the crocheting project I'm making. The project I need to finish before Christmas. Cue teeth gnashing.

I set the project aside. And by set aside I mean I threw the project down on the coffee table in disgust then took an anti- frustration nap.

I woke up, life is okay, the project was easier to fix than I thought. I can pick up groceries tomorrow morning and just enjoy being with my family.

It will all be okay.

Now back to podcast/crochet marathon.

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