Sunday, December 7, 2014

Something Completely Different

Well friends, I am in Tampa, Florida. In a long and convoluted journey, my husband is finally getting relief for his back. He had issues getting answers in our home town, so he went to a spinal institute in Oklahoma. They said he was a candidate for surgery, only they couldn't do the surgery until next year. He's already met his deductible this year for insurance from another hospital stay so the institute said he could have surgery this year at their Tampa, Florida location. My awesome coworkers agreed to cover me. His actual surgery date is Tuesday. So here we are.

I, of course, brought along my crocheting. The Yarn Drum my husband bought me really helped me carry yarn through the airports. I envision long time of me waiting in the hospital for him to get evaluated. I'm still desperately trying to finish Christmas presents. I might have to give some people an I Owe You, but we'll see.

In other news. The Baby Louis pattern has been circulating around my Facebook feed. I'm not the first to say it's really darn creepy, which of course, makes me want to crochet it even more. I showed my husband and he visibly shuddered.

And to finally leave on an uplifting note. My aunt knows a lady that spins. I got in touch with her and she's offered to show me to use a spinning wheel AND LET ME BORROW ONE OF HERS. I am beside myself with happiness. The spinning lady says that a group of women get together once a month to work on projects. I'm going to try and use my wool roving I got from Paradise Fibers to spin up some awesome wool yarn.

Until then, wish my husband and I luck!

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