Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Satisfaction of Completion

Finished up two things today.

This is my rainbow ripple. I had wanted to use up a lot of my scrap yarn so I decided to make an afghan. I know I got the pattern somewhere off ravelry, but I didn't save it so unfortunately I can't link the pattern.

Second pattern. I'm Episcopalian. I was born Episcopalian, went away from the Episcopal church and religion for a long while then returned home. My church does an Epiphany Pageant and Feast. Usually the actors in the pageant are kids from the congregation. While we have had an upswing of families, last year we didn't have enough kids to fill all the roles. My husband was a bishop and I was a wise man. This year my husband and I both ended up as wise men. I, of course, need to look the part so I crocheted myself a beard to go along with my outfit.

I think I look rather dapper with a beard. :)

Next thing on the hooks, an amigurumi Pikachu. Stay tuned!


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