Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yarnaceuticals Episode 15: Bring on the New Year

Episode 15: Bring in the New Year!
Life Update
  • Christmas was awesome!
Works in Progress
  • Grand Large Sweater
    • Cascade Heritage sock yarn
  • Berroco VintageWonderful Wallaby hoodie pattern
Finished Objects
  • BB-8
  • Baby hat
Shout Outs
  • PHN Toy Along
    • DRAW PRIZE!!! Rosebob with her sheep toy won!
    • Please contact me
    • PRIZES
      • Safety eye box
      • A crocheted ami from me?
      • Yarn -> What type would y'all want?
      • $5 amigurumi pattern of your choice
      • Edward's Menagerie Book
      • Studiovondesign is donating one Franciscan Gypsy (Tahlia from PHN) design!
Ask Me Anything/Question of the Episode
  • What are your new years resolutions if you have them, crafty and non-crafty.

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