Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yarnaceuticals Episode 12: Post Kid N' Ewe

Life Update
  • Kid N' Ewe and Llamas, too!
  • Thanksgiving Dinner past weekend
  • Reddit Mention
  • Swap Package!
    • Friends Crocheting Together and More group
  • Tickets!
    • Going to Penny Arcade Expo South and Tool w/Primus concert
Works in Progress
  • Grand Large Sweater
  • Berroco VintageWonderful Wallaby hoodie pattern
  • Dragon Swap WIP
  • Princess Leia Head beanie
  • Working on my spinning wheel a lot
Finished Objects
  • Craft Activism by Joan Tapper
Shout Outs
  • PHN Toy Along
    • Runs from Oct 1 to Dec 31
    • Knit or Crochet
    • Make toys or amigurumi
    • Must be a member of the group
    • Can double dip for prizes in other podcasts’ offerings
    • Each Finished Object posted in the Finished Object thread counts as one entry
    • Can start project at any time but must post finished Oct 1 to Dec 31
    • Tag Instagram photos with #PHNToy2015
    • Two Threads in the group: One for Chatter and One for completed projects only. This thread will be chatter.
    • PRIZES
      • Safety eye box
      • A crocheted ami from me?
      • Yarn -> What type would y'all want?
      • $5 amigurumi pattern of your choice
      • Edward's Menagerie Book
      • Studiovondesign is donating one Franciscan Gypsy (Tahlia from PHN) design!
  • Deb's Pattern Discount
    • From Deb aka DebsDestiny of the Never Cast Off Podcast
    • 30% Off her patterns for Yarnaceutical Viewers!
    • Coupon Code: Yarna30
    • Sale is through November 30, 2015
    • I bought her Ink Blot pattern
Ask Me Anything/Question of the Episode
  • Question for Audience: Have you Yarnbombed before? Any suggestions?
  • Mystery Science Theater is coming back!!!!!
  • Santa Claus Vs. The Ice Cream Bunny
    • December 3rd or encore December 15th at 7pm
    • Husband kickstarted to have some jokes on there
  • Fallout 4
  • Enjoy whatever makes you happy and y'all make good choices.

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